Expand Online Presence

Take advantage of Prostop Canada's Automotive online scheduling software and expand your business oppurtunities by becoming accessible to a market you never had access too. Our software puts the power back in your hand to grow your business with our platform that has been designed for the auto repair industry.

Diversify your client base

Diversifying your client base will prevent your business from going stale during slower seasons, no business should rely on a fixed amount of clients to keep them afloat. By becoming accessible to online consumers, youve now opened the door to endless possibilities for your auto repair shop.

Omni-channel customer approach

Why hope for a local to walk through your business doors when you can open up your real time availability to online consumers looking to get serviced at their conveneince.

Seamless online presence

Expand customer outreach to the modern consumer searching for service online.

Turn one time visitors into loyal customers

Improve your ability to turn first time consumers into both referring and returning customers.

Allow your community to find you

Take advantage of a more consistent output of customer appointments to help during slower seasons.

Omni channel approach

Increase searchability to online customers nearest to you through our Prostop search engine.

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